How to install Monero GUI

Hi dear friends,

I installed Qubes Os 4.2 and I wanted to install Monero Gui, and I was wondering which is the best way to do that, I am not looking anything advance (Isolation) since my threat model is not that high (from 1 to 10 maybe 6), I just want 4/5 monero wallets seperated in different app qubes that work with sys-whonix.

So can I clone debian template (or Whonix) and install monero there and create 5 app qubes, so when I update that debian the wallet gets updated in apps too.
Is this good or I should do something else ?
I am very noob in this area so please talk to me like I am five.
Thank you.


Monero isn’t packaged in Debian afaik, it’s an appimage file that auto updates itself.

I think it’s better to handle the qubes separately without trying to factorize monero within a template due to appimage update process, except if you are short on bandwidth to download it a few times for each update.

@unman included monero in his killer Salt repo (if you’re into that), and references a 3-simple-steps walk-through at getmonero that looks approachable