How to install local .deb files directly in Dom0?

I’m trying to install Veracrypt in dom0.

I’m using command sudo qubes-dom0-update <link to .deb package on harddrive>.

But it’s trying to find a match in the package repository. And throwing the error, “No match for argument”.

Is there a tag I have to add to get it to use the local .deb package?

lol, dom0 is fedora and you can’t install deb in fedora

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I also recommend reading

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@Emily Look for the .rpm equivalent of the .deb file. I assume something like the following would work:

sudo dnf install <package-name>.rpm

Obviously… be careful. Not the best practice to install local packages in dom0.

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@ppc please, be respectful. Qubes is difficult and we all struggled to understand it at some point. Not knowing dom0 runs fedora is perfectly normal. Keep the "lol"s only for Memes about Qubes OS.


Technically, you CAN install deb in Fedora in most cases. Resolving dependencies and path conflicts may be tricky, though. Did it many times. “alien” is a helper tool to make an rpm from a deb package.


wow, i didn’t know that, thank

There’s also alien in Debian if you want to install a .rpm in Debian.
(Actually it converts - or tries to - other Package type as well.)

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