How to install Gnome

I installed Gnome with sudo qubes-dom0-update gnome-shell command, but I can’t launch firefox of perfonal qube.
Please help.

Welcome @friedrich_m!

Can you elaborate a little on what you’ve tried to do to launch Firefox in your personal qube?

What did you expect to find/happen and what did you see instead? That context will help folks to point you towards the correct information : )

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Gnome is not supported by Qubes OS. Well, currently only XFCE is supported.
KDE and some other DEs require some afford to make it work fine, but at least KDE was supported before and there are OS developers who use KDE.

And Gnome is not even mentioned in docs, so I do not think that it is a good idea unless you are quite advanced in Qubes OS and have plenty of time. Maybe I am wrong.