How to install fedora-39-dvm?

So I followed the official Qubes website’s instructions on installing the new Fedora-39 template. It worked for installing fedora-39, but it did not install fedora-39-dvm to replace the old fedora-38-dvm.
I couldn’t find any additional instructions on the official website on how to install fedora-39-dvm and I struggled to find anything relevant on the forums. Maybe I’m going about this all wrong?
Any pointers/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

DVM templates are AppVMs that have the relevant flag set; they aren’t created by default when installing a new template, as you noticed. The simplest way to “restore” your DVM template for the new Fedora-39 template would be to just rebase fedora-38-dvm (and rename it).

I.e. in the Qube Manager, select fedora-38-dvm, right click, hover over “Template” and select Fedora-39. Then go into its qube settings and rename it.

Alternatively, create a new AppVM based on Fedora-39 and in its qube settings, “Advanced” section, put a checkmark next to “Disposable template” (or select that already in the qube creation app if you’re using the new one from Qubes 4.2).

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