How to install app to vault

Good afternoon everyone,

So i need to install “libreoffice” to my vault vm. I know it doesn’t have network access which i like but i need libreoffice suite installed to it for docs,xls,pdf…etc.

Do i have to get vault network access and how would i install it? I know how to do it for debian,arch and alike.

Thank you for helping in this matter

AppVMs get their root filesystem from template qubes. This is how Qubes OS isolation works. So you install software in TemplateVMs (which btw also don’t have the Internet access). You can find instructions how to install software here: How to Install Software | Qubes OS.

Besides @fsflovers pointer to the documentation I would also recommend
to NOT run libreoffice in your ‘vault’ and instead use qvm-open-in-dvm
to open the respective file in a disposable offline qube. Your edits
will propagate back to the file stored in ‘vault’.

Your ‘vault’ is meant to be a place of highest trust. It doesn’t make a
lot of sense opening complex office documents here that may contain all
kinds of nasty.


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Thanks guys. I will just use the text editor in vault and (type in / save as) txt. Thats fine enough for me.

In addition to the above, also see:

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Thank all of you. Yes i know that appvm get their stuff from templates they are built from. I just dont know if it is worth it as vaultvm comes from fedora and fedora updates so much from version to version…32,33,34 and I would have to reinstall libreoffice again and agin

I have came up with anither way to address what i want to do.
Thank you all for your time