How to give a VM more CPU resources?

I have a browser based app (on Chromium) that I need to run on a Fedora VM qube.

It is very resource intensive and no matter what I do the VM gets completely bogged down.

The VM itself will constantly be at 90%+ CPU usage, fan runs non-stop, while the system wide utilization is only 5-10%.

Things I have tried:

-Give it more RAM. Allocated up to 40GB on a 48GB system. Helped a little but CPU seems to be the constraint

-Give it more vCPUs - did not seem to have any effect

-Shut down all other qubes - Gets more ram, but still CPU limited.

This is a skylake i7 with 48GB Ram and NMVE M2 SSD OS drive, it should be able to run this app very easily.

Should I convert it to a different type of Virtualization?


Sounds like something might not be working exactly right.

I have a minimal Debian-based DispVM for Brave running on 1.5G of RAM, you may want to consider giving it a try.

What’s the virt mode now?

To be clear: All of my regular VMs work just fine.

This VM works fine when I am not running this app.

Even with multiple browsers open with hundreds of tabs and other apps, it does find on 8GB of RAM or so.

This one app I am running, which is in-browser - just chokes everything. And it seems to be CPU limited.

Current virt mode is default (PVH)

I will give Brave a try