How to get Signal messenger notifications working on a debian minimal

I have a debian-11-minimal template that I have installed many packages to my liking. In it I also have the Signal messenger installed, but I am not getting notifications for my incoming messages.

I don’t have dunst nor xfce4-notifyd installed in that template, however, neither seems whonix-ws-16-dvm template have those, yet my chat program on tor browser is able to send notifications to dom0.

Do I really need dunst for getting signal messenger notifications?

Whonix ships mate-notification-daemon. Although Tor Browser / Firefox apparently also has its own fallback code to show (surprisingly rich) notifications when no notification daemon is available at all.

VM notifications are not sent to dom0 btw, they’re displayed by the VM.

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thanks for correcting me.

So, I suppose I need one of dunst or xfce4-notifyd packs installed to the minimal template, am I right?

Yep. dunst looks pretty nice and lightweight, I might start using that myself.

Installed dunst, and trying to test it, but doesn’t send notification:

[user@dotfiles]:~ % dunst notify-send "NOW" "hello"

It hangs there and I have to Ctrl+C out of it. No notification box is visible.

To create a test notification on the command line, the syntax is notify-send ... not dunst notify-send ...

notify-send is part of the libnotify-bin package on Debian. The system handles starting dunst automatically.

libnotify-bin is nonexistent on the minimal template. Let me install it and try again.

Oh neat, the dunst package even comes with its own dunstify command similar to notify-send

Installing dunst and libnotify-bin packages to my template has solved it.