How to get notifications on awesomewm?

I am running Qubes 4.1 and awesomewm version v4.3. I was using dunst package before with i3wm for notifications on which qubes get start/stopped, etc. But with awesomewm, I removed the dunst package, since awesomewm seems to import its own notification tool called “naughty” in its rc.lua file. Problem is, after removing dunst, I am not getting any notifications from the QubesOS now. How does awesomewm users get their notifications?

Use whatever you used before (i.e. dunst).

notifications are not related to the WM you use at all. naughty is not a notification server.

Side note: IIRC Qubes uses 2 different notifcation servers at the same time (one for root, one for the regular user). That’s a packaging bug.

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Thanks for the reply.

Use whatever you used before

So, no use for the naughty notification module that comes with the awesomewm? I don’t like having more than one package assuming an overlapping role with each other (in this case naughty module and dunst). But I will use dunst if there is no one that can help me learn using naughty with QubesOS notifications.

I was talking about the notification server run inside each VM.

awesomeWM doesn’t run there but in dom0, so you can’t use the naughty module for VM notifications.

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OK. But dunst is able to get qube start/shutdown, usb plug-in/plug-out notifications. Why can’t awesomewm naughty do that?

So you were talking about the dom0 notification server.

And if I understand the naughty code correctly, it indeed seems to be a notification server and not just a library.

You might be able to configure it at /usr/share/dbus-1/services/ as org.freedesktop.Notifications provider.
However it doesn’t provide any performance benefits over the current default which uses xfce4-notifyd in dom0. Maybe it looks better, I don’t know.

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