How to get my Webcam working again

Hey lovely community:)

Qubes 4.1 is running very well but I have got a problem that will be nice if I can fix. At qubes 4.0+ my intern Msi Bison Webcam was detected by system, but at qubes 4.1 the webcam is not detected. I need that for my job and will be very good to fix that until the weekend is over. Please tell me what I can try
Much blesses and stay healthy

Ps: The Webcam is shown up sudo dmesg -Tw at input /devices /pci…/input and uvcvideo found the webcam. So it should be possible to get it working anyhow or?


First of all, you should not rely on a testing release for critical tasks. Having said that, what does qvm-usb in Dom0 shows? Does it detect the camera?

This Thread can be marked as solved. I did not install a qubes sys-usb qube at my fresh Qubes 4.1 installation. Now I created one and the cam is detected an I can attach it to the vm I need.
But thank you very much of course for ur help:)

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