How to get firefox extention working in DispVM?

I am wanting to get ublockorigin(and some other extension working) in a DispVMs that are based on a new templateVM which is based on a fedora-34-clone(cloned from fedora-34).

I have installed the extension in fedora-34-clone and when I go to Firefox setting extensions in DispVM. I am able to see ublockorigin installed. But, it is not functional nor are other extensions.

Anyone with understanding about firefox explain to me how to get this working.

What does “not functional” mean? I’ve just looked at mine and it works and I installed it the same way you say you did. This looks no-Qubes-specific to me.

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Well, I install extensions in the “DispVM Template” (which basically is a AppVM, such as fedora-34-dvm). I don’t install them in actual Templates (such as fedora-34), because I don’t think it’s safe to “run” any program in Templates. And it works fine for me.

No one actually propose to run anything in a template. On the contrary. You install in a template and use it in qubes based on that template.
So, go ahead, it just works this way.
And don’t run anything in a template.

Let me try that

By non functional I mean it is not blocking ads. Moreover,
As with setup mentioned above. I do not even see the icon of extension in the disp-xxx VM firefox browser(i.e. do not see the icon next to the address bar in firefox)

IIRC ublockorigin is even available in the debian repos.

Other people install extensions in their template (which is somewhat reasonable if the template is dedicated to firefox).
You could also do it inside a dispVM and copy the modified profile directory incl. addons over to the template.

There’s also a way of installing addons with rarely starting firefox (“addon sideloading”), but it’s quite advanced and I’m currently not aware of open source tools doing that. Also Mozilla doesn’t like it as it’s something that malware often tries to do.

This is not recommended and may lead to profile fingerprinting.
Instead consider removing the existing profiles (rm -r /home/user/.mozilla) from the dvm template and check out this guide instead
(If all you want is install the extension, skip to section 2. Policies):