How to find what graphics driver Qubes uses

Goes evening all,
I am building out a FreeBSD HVM and I am having a very difficult time with the graphics. So I am wondering is there a way to find out what graphics driver Qubes is is using?
So that I can install same drive in FreeBSD.

Thank you

install driver is not simple if it not in kernel

Presumably FreeBSD is running as an HVM. This means a small Linux-based VM called a stub domain is also started that provides QEMU services to give the HVM virtual hardware to use, including a virtual video card. I believe two options are made available in Qubes.

I recommend searching the qubes docs for “cirrus” to look at how to change the video adapter.

E.g. qvm-features – manage domain’s features — Qubes Admin client v4.1.19-0-ge9419c3-dirty documentation

Thank you, I believe my problem is that I have to find the right gxp driver for FreeBSD/Xorg combo, then edit boot,xinit,rc.conf to get this working. Thats my problem I am finding out. Xorg can be a chore to setup from base to work with a gxp driver and the big problem is finding thee right driver!!!.

Inorder to get FreeBSD working right as a HVM…

pkg install -y xen-kernel xen-tools

Then do configurations as needed…