How to expose my wifi to VM?

I have installed blackarch. The applications in this toolbox for wifi want to see the wifi interface.

How do I expose the wifi interface to the VM?

Does installing network manager do that?

Apart from installing Network Manager, you need to attach your network card to the qube as documented here. Note that you cannot attach it to two running VMs at the same time. By default it is attached to sys-net qube.


I had to switch away from PVH virtualisation in Qubes settings for the VM.

It seems like the command:

qvm-pci attach dom0:04_00.0

will attach my wifi to the VM. I got an error, but the device is still attached to my system. I’ll have to figure that out, or buy an external wifi “pen” (if one works with Qubes) which I can use separately.

I think

qvm-pci detach sys-net dom0:04_00.0

will detached wifi from sys-net once I shut it down. Will try.

[EDIT: You can do this from Qube settings under the “devices” tab. You simply take them off sys-net and put them onto your other VM when you want to use it, and vice versa]

Take some inspiration from this setup:

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