How to enable WIFI on a NitroPC | Realtek RTL8821CE

Since some time I run a NitroPC as my desktop machine using qubes os 4.0 on a LAN line.
It has a built-in WIFI adapter that does not run out of the box due to a missing kernel module.
My sys-net is based on the fedora-33 template.

I solved the issue by adding the missing driver to the template. My information comes from this post:

Open a terminal on the fedora-33 template. Then issue the following commands:

sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install dkms make kernel-devel -y
git clone
cd rtl8821ce/
sudo ./ 

and reboot your machine.

Security remark: Only do it if you trust the cloned git repository. At least I did not find a package to install from official sources.

Please give any remarks / improvements. Hope my comment is helpful for somebody.