How to Edit Kernel Boot Parameters When Starting Qubes

My trackpad requires that I enter pci=nocrs into grub boot parameters in order to work. How do I do this in Qubes OS? In addition, is there a way that I can set this temporarily, like for a single boot only? I am a bit concerned about what might happen if I mess with pci device settings considering that there is another layer of abstraction from the hardware in Qubes. Does anyone know specifically how pci=nocrs would affect Qubes? I know it works with other linux distros.

You don't have to answer all of my questions. Any help will be appreciated.

I see a xen.cfg file in /boot/efi/EFI/qubes that appears to have boot parameters. Do I just tag pci=nocrs onto the end of the 'options=' line?

Yeah it would work.

For security, from my perspective, the higest lv is zero trust, even from yourself.

Okay, I did some research on pci=nocrs and it seems to be an older method to discover pci devices. I'll do a backup and try it out.

What’s your laptop type ? if it’s was modern hardware, have you try with qubes 4.1 kernel-latest ?

Yes. It's newer, a Lenovo. How stable is qubes 4.1? I'm using this computer as my dedicated driver.

I’m using lenovo legion, it’s very stable.

The boot parameter didn’t solve my problem so I think it may be the kernel version. I’ll give qubes 4.1 a test run.

Hey, can you help me. I have a Lenovo Legion 5 about 6 months old. I downloaded QubesOS and flashed it to a USB drive. However, when I boot to try and install it, it freezes halfway during loading before getting to the install menu. Do you know how I would fix this? Did you have to deal with this? If you can explain how to fix this problem im willing to cashapp you $15 if it works

How you flash the usb drive?