How to edit Bootx64.efi?

Hi there, I got Qubes to install onto a USB stick using a different computer. Now I need to edit Bootx64.efi so I can boot onto my new computer, which my new computer will only boot into the grub menu, then a black screen.

How do I edit Bootx64.efi on the usb stick? Linux & Windows ( using linux reader ) show the efi folder to be empty.

My specs are:

11800H i7 Processor
Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU
Intel UHD Graphics

If specs help. May someone please help? Thank you! =)

Here is an example if you want to reinstall grub:

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Hi, thank you for your reply, its much appreciated =)

Unfortunately, Im not looking to reinstall grub, but rather open, & edit the bootx64.efi file.

I now think that its the kernel instead of the .efi file.

Id like to update my Qubes 4.1.0 installation .iso with a new kernel.

Ive had some success rebuilding the original Qubes 4.1.0 iso with an iso from: Index of /qubes/iso/

But still no luck, though I do get farther in the installation.

Can anyone tell me what to take from the ‘latest-kernel.iso’ & add to the original 4.1.0 iso to update the kernel?

Thank-you! =)

I have a picture attached to show you the output.

When dracut-initqueue will be timed out (don’t remember how many seconds is it by default) you’ll be brought to the command line and will be able to look for the errors in the boot log.

Thanks. It was because I didn’t DD the image to the USB key. ( Rufus wasn’t giving me the option. )