How to download software from links on websites?

How can I download software from a download link on a website?

I’ve tried installing different software but can’t install anything. I’ve tried downloading software in Fedora and Debian with download links from websites but cannot open the files once I download them. I’ve also tried sudo dnf <file name>(Fedora) and sudo apt (Debian) in the terminal but it’s not working. I’m new to Qubes. Can someone please explain how to install software from the internet?

Installing software on Qubes OS is identical in most ways to installing software on a normal GNU/Linux distro, but there are a couple of differences. From what you’re saying, It sounds like you aren’t experienced in how to install software normally in Linux so I will give a quick rundown.
You normally install software in different distros by using the package manager for that distro. First, open a Terminal. Then, for Debian, use sudo apt install <package> and Fedora would be sudo dnf install <package>. You can use apt search <search query> and dnf search <search query> to look for packages as well. This link is a good resource for learning how to use different commands to install packages: Rosetta stone - Void Linux Wiki .
The ways that Qubes OS differs in installing software is that you will normally install the software in the TemplateVM (fedora-33 or debian-10 for example) using the normal commands to install the software. Then shutdown the TemplateVM and start or restart the AppVM that you want to use to open the software. You can add the installed application to the application menu by going to the AppVM’s ‘Qube Settings’, clicking on the ‘Applications’ tab, and moving the application over to the right. Also, note that the recommended way to update the software in the templates is to use the ‘Qubes Update’ tool under System Tools in the application menu or from the icon that appears in the notification area when updates are available (appears as an orange star).
If you are trying to install software that is not available in the package manager, let us know what software you are trying to install.
I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions or problems.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the information. I am new to Linux and Qubes but have tried all of what you’ve said but just can’t seem to install anything. These are the 2 main things that I need to install: Download Ledger Live | Ledger
Daedalus - Downloads
If you could help with these, that would be great.

It looks like Ledger Live isn’t available in the package manager, but it is available as an AppImage. To install that software, download it with ‘Download Ledger Live App’ > ‘Linux App’. Then right click the .AppImage file in your file manager, select ‘Properties’, go to the ‘Permissions’ tab, and check ‘Allow executing file as program’. Then simply open the file from your file manager whenever you want to run it. The process is the same for Debian or Fedora.
I tried getting the Daedalus one to work, but I couldn’t figure that one out.


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Fantastic, thank you so much!!! It’s worked. Don’t worry about the other one, this is the main one that I needed anyway. Thanks for such a quick response too.