How to download new kernel versions for testing?

I am on QubesOS 4.1. It allows me to use kernel 6.1. However, I want to be able to test kernel 6.2 for new device drivers in some other qubes within my system.

I heard kernel 6.2 is provided with QubesOS 4.2. Is this correct? If so, can I download the kernel 6.2 to my QubesOS 4.1 system in order to test it, without changing all my qubes’ kernels to it?

I don’t think you can use kernel from Qubes OS 4.2 in Qubes OS 4.1.
You can just use in-VM kernel:

There are kernel-latest and kernel-latest-qubes-vm packages for both R4.1 and R4.2, they more or less follow latest non-LTS kernel. More details at How to install software in dom0 | Qubes OS