How to disable random mac address on iwlwifi in Qubes 4.1

Since mac address randomization is now the default in 4.1 for the wifi interface is there a setting to disable randomization if needed?


What is preventing you to edit your connection and disable/set-whatever-you’d-like it there?
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I’ve not seen any setting in NetworkManager for changing the mac randomization setting. That’s why I’m asking.

In 4.0 you could see that the mac in sys-net matched the manufacturers mac, as seen with ethtool -P.

root@sys-net ~]# ethtool -P wls6
Permanent address: 11:22:33:44:55:66

Now you can see with ifconfig that a new mac is generated each time sys-net is started.
ifconfig wls6 | grep ether

A nice feature in most cases, unless you have a particular reason to keep you mac address stable.

Does this help?

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at the end of file /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and restart NetworkManager with the command:

$ sudo service NetworkManager restart

Thank you. I did add that to the template, restarted NetworkManager, and verified that the [device] section was added to sys-net.

However the mac is still random, changing every time sys-net is restarted. With trace enabled in NetworkManager.conf it shows "set-hw-address: setting mac address to " but no mention of wifi.scan-rand-mac-address.

Well, I’m not sure to which template you did this, but the only other idea I have is to set up your wifi connection in sys-net by choosing "Preserve" for the Cloned MAC address, then while sys-net is still up, to copy it’s NM-system-connections folder containing corespondent wifi .nmconnection to the /rw/config folder of a sys-net’s dvm-template, to shut them down both and restart sys-net.

Thanks. Setting to “Preserve” worked.

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