How to disable mouse acceleration (Qubes OS 4.2)

I just have upgraded to Qubes OS 4.2 via fresh installation and am having the feeling, something is off with the mouse movement.

More specifically I cannot disable mouse acceleration completely (physically tested by moving the mouse with and without acceleration). Mouse is plugged in via USB, and the USB controller is assigned to separate disposable sys-usb USB qube from Qubes OS installer.

System settings → Mouse and Touchpad → Devices → Pointer Speed → Acceleration is already set to 0.0, which can be verified with System settings → Settings editor.

As coming from Qubes 4.1 I am wondering, if some setting has changed or if I simply cannot remember the steps done to have flat mouse movement.

In search for an XFCE or similar solution like Mouse acceleration - ArchWiki, I noticed, there is not xinput in dom0. So far I avoided other approaches, which change settings in /etc/ or system in order to not brick my fresh Qubes installation.

So what is the correct way to disable mouse acceleration? Thanks!

I just realized this change might come from the fact that Qubes 4.2 provides Xfce4 versions of Debian + Fedora, whereas Qubes 4.1 used the GNOME ones. But not solution yet.

In addition I tried

xset m 0

both in dom0 as well in sys-usb (recheck with xset q).

Hm I am mostly a keyboard guy, but this is driving me crazy :face_with_diagonal_mouth: . Any help appreciated

In the Qubes menu, in System settings, you can open Mouse and Touchpad and you can control the mouse acceleration there.

I hope this helps.

Never mind I missed this part. My bad, sorry.

No problem - but that surprised me as well.

I will try a pure Xfce Linux distribution in time and see how that works regarding mouse acceleration.

OK, solved.

This is rather stupid - under “Mouse and Touchpad”, the active device was named “xxx USB Mouse Keyboard”. Acceleration, sensitivity for this entry can be set as usual, but they don’t have any effect. I needed to select the second hidden entry, which also has the name “xxx USB Mouse”, but not ending with “Keyboard” suffix.

Duh, that wasn’t obvious - but at least it works! Hope, future readers can benefit from similar issues.