How to delete dictionary for password

I want to change password. but even I use root user, dictionary deny my password.
How can I delete the dictionary?

Which password are talking about?
Dom0 user password?
Dom0 LUKS password?
Something else?

Dom0 user password

What’s the exact error message?
You can search that error message and find out how to fix it.

The password fails the dictionary check - it is based on a dictionary word

so i want to delete or disable the dictionary file

I searched and tried to fix it. but the imfomations didn’t work for qubes.

First of all. Setting a short password, a password similar to the old one or a password such as password123, 12345678, … is a bad security practice and should be avoided. I will explain why in the 3rd point.

Second, you could read passwd(1) manual and --force option and force your weak password.

man passwd

Third, I would recommend you to study Troy Hunts posts and recommendations for good security practices and how to choose strong passwords.

Solved problem!! thank you