How to correctly mount to tmpfs (RAM)?

Lets say I don’t want a VM to be completely amnesiac but, only want certain directories to be like:


tmpfs /tmp tmpfs mode=1777,nosuid,nodev 0 0


tmpfs /home/user1/.cache tmpfs mode=1777,noexec,nosuid,uid=1000,size=10% 0 0

tmpfs /home/user2/.cache tmpfs mode=1777,noexec,nosuid,uid=1001,size=10% 0 0

I previously tried this on baremetal not Qubes/Whonix/VM but I’m not sure if I set mode= correctly for cache? As well as not sure if uid= is needed to be specified as I did set two different lines one for both users according to their correct uid. It seems everything didn’t persist in those directories after reboot however…

The issue I had was when i tried to delete a file (move to trash) it said can’t tranfer accross file system boundaries or something like that. Do I need to mount /Trash for each user also?