How to copy files between vm's without gui?

dom0 has qvm-copy-to-vm, but inside vm it doesn’t work exactly the same as it does in dom0. I am prompted to select the target vm in the pop-up gui window and it is VERY inconvenient. How do I copy a file or directory without gui? Or from the dom0 command line?

I see it as a safety step, but maybe it is overlooked by developers…

the way to copy and paste from vm to DOM0 to vm is control + C → shift + control + C → shift + control + V → control + V or [paste]

it will never work

the way to copy and paste from vm to DOM0 to vm is control + C → shift + control + C → shift + control + V → control + V or [paste]

That is not true. You can’t copy and paste in and out of dom0.

To avoid the permission prompt when qvm-copying from inside a VM:

  1. use qvm-copy-to-vm TARGETVM FILE
  2. allow SRCVM → TARGETVM in qubes policy:
    For Qubes 4.1, /etc/qubes/policy.d/30-user.policy containing
    qubes.Filecopy * SRCVM TARGETVM allow
    For Qubes 4.0, /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.Filecopy containing

In the above, SRCVM and TARGETVM should be replaced by the actual VM names. You don’t need to restart any VMs for the policy to take effect.

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Your syntax is slightly confusing. You say qvm-copy-to-vm TARGETVM FILE where “TARGETVM” and “FILE” are variables that are replaced with an actual VM name and file path. Then you say to put qubes.Filecopy * SRCVM TARGETVM allow inside of 50_user.policy

Does this mean that only specific source VMs and target VMs are allowed to interVM copy without a GUI prompt? I assume not.

The problem for me is that neither qubes.Filecopy * SRCVM TARGETVM allow nor (for example) qubes.Filecopy * vault personal allow work for me in 4.1…

Do I need to restart Qubes for the changes to take effect?

Sorry, should be fixed.

qubes.Filecopy * vault personal allow should work.
Are you sure you’re using qvm-copy-to-vm instead of qvm-copy?

The syntax or Qubes? :slight_smile: Like I said, neither format works when I edit 30_user.policy

Are you using the qvm-copy-to-vm command?

Sorry… my mistake. I created 30_user.policy instead of 30-user.policy. :confused: It’s working now.

I used:

qubes.Filecopy * @anyvm @anyvm allow 

So it will work between any two VMs. Hopefully that is not a significant security issue.

Uh, that allows any VM to any VM, so big security issue?
Just do

qubes.Filecopy * vault personal allow 

if you want vault → personal.

Well, honestly I would rather the convenience of general interVM transfers by command line. Do you think it creates a significant security risk?

The more I think about it, the more I think it does create a significant security risk. It would potentially allow a malicious script to defeat the compartmentalization that secures each VM. As “annoying” as the prompt is, it forces user interaction to allow transfers.

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I mean, it allows any qube to transfer to any other qube without prompting. Though it only writes into ~/QubesIncoming of the destination qube. Who knows, maybe something in the destination qube processes files in ~/QubesIncoming automatically (like a file indexer, file manager thumbnail generator, …).

Yeah, I’m going to change it back. It’s only annoying when I’m trying to copy many things. Thanks for your help!

I myself allow certain high-trust qubes to transfer to low-trust qubes without approval. But I don’t use wildcards like @anyvm, just specific (srcvm,destvm) pairs, in my filecopy policy,

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well, I run some programs that require you to read the config from the file but I feed them the config from stdin, but in the case of the current problem it does not work…
qvm-run --pass-io sourceVM 'cat file' | qvm-copy-to-vm destVM /dev/stdin
What do you think about that?

assuming you are running this in dom0:

qvm-run --pass-io sourceVM 'cat file' | qvm-run --pass-io destVM 'mycommand'

will pass contents of file in sourceVM to to stdin of mycommand in destVM