How to copy a directory to dom0 from VM?

I sometimes copy entire directories into dom0, such as when I need to transfer the directory which contains the relevant files for a compiled Suckless tool like dmenu.

I have to manually run qvm-run -p compiler_vm 'cat ~/dmenu/file' > file for each file in the directory. This is tedious, and I was wondering if there was a way to copy an entire directory with qvm-run, or with another method.

Perhaps the Qubes team doesn’t want people sending a bunch of stuff to dom0, so they didn’t implement a solution for sending directories to dom0? If people would like to copy directories, I’d be happy to polish a script I set up for doing so, although I couldn’t vouch for its security and bash best practices.

Security aside, couldn’t you just create a tar file of the directory and send using the same method?