How to convert main template from fedora to debian

During the install I choosed fedora as the main template and I wan’t to convert to debian as debian is the more widely used and can find guides easily, also I have question what is the diffrence between dom0 and the main template?

Last but not least, there’s a very special admin qube which, as the name suggests, is used to administer your entire system. There’s only one admin qube, and it’s called dom0. You can think of it as the master qube, holding ultimate power over everything that happens in Qubes OS. Dom0 is more trusted than any other qube. If dom0 were ever compromised, it would be “game over.” The entire system would effectively be compromised. That’s why everything in Qubes OS is specifically designed to protect dom0 and ensure that doesn’t happen. Due to its overarching importance, dom0 has no network connectivity and is used only for running the desktop environment and window manager. Dom0 should never be used for anything else. In particular, you should never run user applications in dom0. (That’s what your app qubes are for!)