How to connect to wifi?

Hello guys, I’m totally new to Qubes.

I am wondering how to connect to a wifi network.

Sys-net is running and the wifi device of my Laptop in “Settings / Devices” is active.

Sys-net is running, but there is no Terminal showing up if I want to start it.
In “Settings / Applications” I also activated “Settings Manager” and “Settings and Startup”, these windows aren’t opening either.

I searched for hours on the Internet but I don’t get an answer to the simple question, how to use Wifi.

Thank you for your time.

sys-net has NetworkManager enabled. You can see it in the widget bar, which represents 2 computers with a red color. There you will be able to see a list of access points and connect to your router wifi.

This might be the problem, there is no network manager. I know the icon that you described from other videos about qubes, but it isn’t shown on my laptop.
I reinstalled qubes 3 times, it still doesn’t show up.

I’m on the latest version (4.2.0)

It should be there so something is wrong.
Can you go in sys-net settings, then in Services, and add network-manager to the list? Restart sys-net and check if you have it in the widget bar.

If you mean in “Applications”, there is no NetworkManager either. It seems like the network manager is’nt installed at all, which makes no sense since I didn’t change anything after the installation.

Maybe I should switch to an older version?

You have a “Services” tab right next to “Applications” in sys-net settings.

Okay, but the only option shown here is “clocksync” (activated)

I cant add a service as well, except a custom one

Create a custom service named “network-manager” there.
Also, what’s the template used for sys-net?

Okay, I’ve created it.
The template is default-dvm (should be fedora, I didn’t change it during the installation)

When you restart sys-net, do you see networkmanager in the widget bar?

now it works. Restarting sys-net didnt help, but after I did your recommended changes, I restarted the laptop. Not the manger symbol is shown. I will try to connect now, thank you very much for your help!

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