How to connect to a eduroam wifi on Qubes OS?

Hi. I don’t seem to find any guides on how to connect Qubes OS to a eduroam wifi network. Anyone done it? If so, please tell me how.

I’ve only tried the one for University of Copenhagen – but it was “pretty simple”. :slight_smile:

  1. Download the installer (for you University/Institution) from

  2. From the locate the certificate and save it as a new file myUni.pem that looks somewhat like:

  1. Copy the myUni.pem to your sys-net (it will be inside QubesIncomming/$SrcVM/)

  2. Right-click the network icon at the top and pick “Edit Connection” → [+]“Add a new connection” → Pick “Wi-Fi” → “Create”

The settings for “Wi-Fi Security” depends on you University - but for University of Copenhagen they are:

Authentication:       PEAP
Anonymous id:
CA certificate:       myUni.pem
Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
Password:             YouNeverGuessWhatThisIs

and the SSID is eduroam.

You should be able to find the setting for your University in the you get from
– if you also download the one for University of Copenhagen, you should be able compare your settings with the ones I used above. :wink:

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Thanks but I can’t seem to get it working. I compared settings with University of Copehagen but it still wont connect. Perhaps getting touch with our IT helpdesk will help…