How to connect camera to AppVM

Hello. I would like to connect my laptop camera to a Fedora-based VM. The documentation is not clear about that. How to do it?

QubesOS: R4.0.


  1. The microphone can be connected and works on this VM, but the camera USB is not even visible. Maybe the camera is not even a USB?
  2. When I had Windows, the camera worked.
  3. When I type “qvm-usb” in dom0, there are 0 lines in the output.

Do you have sys-usb running?
you can list usb devices in your sys-usb terminal by typing “lsusb”.
If the usb device is listed it shoul apperar in your device widget, and you should de able to attach to a chosen AppVM.
That said, I had a little trouble doing that in a reliable way. I guess it depends on what hardware you are using.

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The sys-usb is not listed as a VM. But if I type “lsusb” in dom0, I see my camera as a device widget (Buss 001 Device 008).

Also, in Devices, I note that there is a widget located as Buss 001 Device 008, named “dom0:nwmeOn1p8”. I guess it is the camera.

But, the microphone is recognised properly as “doc0:mic - Microphone”.

If I connect this dom0:nwmeOn1p8 to a VM, in the Skype app there is still written “No device found” in the Skype video settings.

Note: I checked the camera via “cheese” app, also no camera would.

I guess you shoul read this:

there are compeling security reasons to have a usb qube.

hope it helps.