How to configure Qubes OS 4.2 manually?

Qubes Initial Setup I choose "do not configure anything

Empty Qubes OS. No templates. Nothing.

How do I install default template fedora-38 offline? Salt is not working because of no templates in system

Also, is there any guide how-to configure qubes manually by terminal and salt from scratch?

I guess this is for advanced users, and that there are no benefits except if you have a specific need and know how to implement it :thinking:

Did you try to install a template with qvm-template?

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I have installed template by dnf install from installation usb drive.

Now I have default template. Next step is create disposable usb+net qube. What salt command should I use for it?

Where do I find actual names of sls configs? I found qvm.sys-net, but I need somthing like “qvm.sys-net-usb-disposable” thing

I got it. For those who will seek it later

(1) qubesctl saltutil.sync_all (initial setup of salt)
(1.5) qubesctl state.sls qvm.default-dispvm qvm.default-mgmt-dvm (installing default dispvm and mgmt vm for salt)
(2) qubesctl top.enable qvm.sys-net qvm.sys-usb (configure your system to have sys-usb and sys-net)
(3) qubesctl top.enable qvm.sys-net-as-usbvm pillar=True (configure that sys-net and sys-usb is one vm using configs in pillar directory)
(4) qubesctl top.enable qvm.disposable-sys-usb qvm.disposable-sys-net pillar=True (configuring sys-usb and sys-net to be disposable)
(4.5) qubesctl top.enable qvm.usb-keyboard (enabling usb keyboard to work)
(4.6) qubesctl top.enable qvm.sys-usb-allow-mouse pillar=True (enabling usb mouse to work)
(5) qubesctl state.highstate (executing configured setup)

Done. You have sys-net and sys-usb in one vm and disposable via salt.


You might want to disable the non-pillar states again: qubesctl top.disable ...

For future reference in case of changes, the setup process and the commands can be found in the following files: