How to configure ProtonVPN using Wireguard in sys-vpn

I can’t manage to setup ProtonVPN using wireguard in sys-vpn. I did get it to work but dns was not working outside sys-vpn. Any idea on how to do it?

How is it not working?

If you are trying to use a local DNS it’s not going to work, check the DNS settings in qube using the VPN and make sure it’s using a DNS that is reaching from the internet.

It is set to a local dns which is only accessible from other app vms that don’t use the VPN. How should I change it?

Depends on the distro you are using, it should work if resolve.conf has the correct nameserver in sys-vpn.

Ok, I will modify that. But sys-vpn nameserver is set by wireguard config file already, so why do I have to do it?

If you are using the Proton DNS then it should be fine, that works for me, I thought you were using the local DNS.

The problem I’m trying to solve is that ProtonDNS is not the one used by APP VMs connected to sys-vpn

What exactly is happening when you try to use DNS on an appvm?

Ping just dosn’t return anything

Can you run the following command in your VPN qube and try using DNS again:

All my qubes have the same virtual DNS (,, but the qubes that use sys-vpn are not using the real DNS from sys-net.