How to Configure DHCPD DNSMASQ Server for HVM Qube?

I’m asking for help configuring dhcpd and dnsmasq, I can’t figure out how to assign an ip address to an hvm machine I don’t have access to. In this post, Recommended Ways to Setup Security Labs? (Pentesting Lab, Malware Lab) - #18 by ckN6QwSZ pointed out to me that there is an option to set these settings using netvm qube, but I can’t figure it out.

I’m new to this, I was able to handle converting the vulnhub machine to an HVM VM and then with the help of iptables instructions I was able to get the appwm kali to work fully together with the jobs from the hackthebox site. but I can’t get my nmap to see my vulnhub VM Nully Cybersecurity: 1 ~ VulnHub I suspect I’m not configuring dnsmasq or dhcpd correctly in sys-bridge I’ve been trying to find the root password for a given vulnhub machine to do the configuration inside, but it doesn’t seem to be listed publicly for this machine.

try this for starters and let us know how it works…

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