How to config Trackpoint Speed?

Hello,I was first in Qubes-OS,did anyone know how to config ThinkPad TrackPoint-Speed?

I used config udev.rules in other distro,in Qubes-OS 4.1,I config the same rules in dom0"/etc/udev/rules.d/10-trackpoint.rules"
,But nothing happend.

I only want change the sensitivity to 255,Anyone has Goodideas?

Hi @maxxjeffery, welcome to the Community! Dom0 is based on Fedora with xfce by default, so you should search how to do it for Fedora/xfce (or KDE, if you installed it). In other words, it’s probably not a Qubes-specific question.

(I’m no expert, so I can’t unfortunately tell more)

Thank you for reply,I config the TrickPoint Speed in xfce-system-config,it’s confort now,Thank you.

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