How to check the total RAM?

how can i know the whole RAM of the system?
If I see “free” on dom0, it doesn’t show me the total RAM of the system.
So how can i check it?

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cat /proc/meminfo in dom0?

thanks… but I see there
MemTotal: 3429064 kB (so about 400MB) just used for dom0?
VmallocTotal: 34359738367 (so about 4GB) just used for whatever?

But I do have much more RAM. So where can I see the whole RAM of the system?

Sure, I can check that in bios, but there should be a possibility to see that in Qubes.


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Qubes-hcl-report has always worked for me.

ah, thanks “xl info” is a nice thing!
qubes-hcl-report also!
thanks a lot!

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Hi @qun,
please mark this thread as solved with the @Plexus solution.

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