How to check if sys-net has usb capabilities

I’m trying to use a usb wifi adapter and despite installing the required drivers both in sys-net and its template, the adapter is not shown in the sys-net’s devices menu.
lsusb shows the wifi adapter with all rest of my usb devices in dom0.
I am questioning whether I actually checked the option to combine sys-net and sys-usb during installation, how can I check if sys-net has usb capabilites? lsusb when run in sys-net shows only two devices.

Perhaps you can just check in the “services” tab of the sys-net settings if USB controllers attached to it?

As for the usb wifi adapter, I don’t know, but maybe this can help: USB-C Ethernet Adapters and How to connect to the internet in Qubes OS 4.0.3 using a USB modem ? · Issue #5610 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

I was able to figure it out:
To check if sys-net is combined with sys-usb:
run in dom0 sudo qubesctl top.enabled pillar=True and look for sys-net-as-usbvm

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