How to change the Shift+Insert shortcut to paste into terminal?

According to guid.conf, I need to use qvm-features to change the shortcut which allows me to paste into terminal, but I couldn’t find how to do it from the man page provided for qvm-features.

No - it isn’t clear and you are misled.
The controls that govern copy/paste between qubes are set in global
settings.By default these are Ctrl+Shirt+c/Ctrl+Shift+v
Pasting in to a terminal is a function of the terminal application you are
using -you may be able to use Ctrl+c,or a custom shortcut,or paste with
a middle click. You’ll find help in this appropriate to the terminal

Thanks for the reply.

You’re right. I fixed the problem by going to Edit → Preferences → Shortcuts and changing the paste shortcut to my liking in the GNOME Terminal.