How to change overall display color i.e. to make it less blue?

this might be a dumb question but in “color profiles” everything is greyed out. How do I go about changing the overall display color, i.e. to make ist less blue. I am fond of night mode in other devices …
Thank you

One option is using Redshift. There are a number of posts you can refer to if that option fits your needs:

Thank you gonzalo. Redshift I will try.
But just for information for me and others:
Why does “color profiles” not work (everything greyed out)? Is it a problem from upgrading to 4.2.? I must admit I never tried it in 4.1. might as well have worked there…

Others also seem to have this problem without solution:

Any suggestions?

I guess you need to install colord in dom0:

Display profiles don’t work out of the box in Xfce (yet), you need a daemon like xiccd for them to work.

The Xfce Color Profile settings tool is a front-end to set up color management for printers, scanners, and displays. It provides an interface for colord integration into Xfce. Colord is a system service that enables you to manage, install and generate color profiles to accurately color manage input (webcams, scanners) and output devices.

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