How to change keyboard current layout to `us` from terminal or script

I have 2 layouts and I want to change current layout to one of them (us in my case) from bash script in Qubes OS.
I want toggle current (active) layout, not affecting the number of layouts or other setxkbmap settings.

How to do it properly?

OK. I have a solution:

  1. Install small xkb-switch tool:
    sudo qubes-dom0-update xkb-switch
  2. Use it like xkb-switch -s LAYOUT
    For all sufficient information: man xkb-switch.

I was not able to do it without external tool in Qubes OS.
Because I only found a trick with setxkbmap, that just removes all other layouts except one and setting configuration back, but it is not what I want.

xkb-switch seems to be solving case.