How to change default colours of service sys-vm icons

I would like to change the various Service: sys-vm icon colours in the menu to one standard, chosen colour in order to make my Qubes Menu a bit more readable (personal preference). At present the default colours are a mix of green, grey and red. But as I cannot change a running qube’s settings with the “Qubes Settings” window and as the system won’t run without these vm’s running, I don’t know how to accomplish the task. I assume, that there must be a way to use Terminal commands for success. Any insight? Thanks

why the system won’t run without all VMs turned off?

I did the very same once I turned off every VM except dom0. Disposables are purple now, vault is green, personal leaves blue and the sys’es are gray now. All standalones appear orange and the templates shown in black.


why the system won’t run without all VMs turned off?

I think you are asking why the GUI won’t allow you to change the color of a qube while it is running?

If you use qvm-prefs myqube label color it accepts the change right away, but it might not reflect in already drawn windows. So I suppose the GUI just won’t allow it to prevent user confusion?

Thanks friends. Sven, you’re solution worked a treat. Menu looks much more organized now. cheers