How to cast your QUBES Desktop to an external device via wifi?

Hi has anyone been casting his/her QUBES desktop to an external device via wifi - e.g. to a TV? If yes could you please explain how?

Doing so is impossible “out-of-the-box” because dom0 doesn’t have network interfaces (it would also defeat the purpose of Qubes OS as a whole).

That said, if your goal is - say - screencasting Qubes OS to a classroom and you don’t care about the data that is on your machine, you might be able to install Qubes OS as a virtual machine (like what’s done with Qubes OS’ openQA in KVM) and record/screencast the screen from there.

Else, the easiest way would probably be to buy a hardware HDMI/Displayport to WiFi dongle.

The links below might be of interest - although they’re about accessing dom0 remotely, not screencasting its content - but you might then be able to screencast the remote desktop with another machine or a dedicated qube:



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