How to automatically sync VPN time zone to AppVM's sys time?

For the best practice of anonymity, it’s good to sync AppVM’s system time zone to wherever the timezone of the VPN server is connected to. During Qubes 3.0 days, I remember Fedora VM used to sync its timezone automatically by simply turning on the Automatic Time Zone in the Settings but that perk was long gone after I believe some kind of new rpc policy on clocksync was introduced. Ever since then, I’ve been changing the sys timezone manually from the Settings.

I have basically two questions.

  1. Is there a way to automatically sync VPN server’s time zone in an AppVM?

  2. When an AppVM turns on, is there a way to start off with random time zone?

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Thats a very good point…

Will you set the VPN itself manually, or will it connect to a random country on boot?

I’ll look into this myself since I depend on VPNs combined with fingerprinting, so far I’ve found this that has been updated in 2020: GitHub - cdown/tzupdate: Set the system timezone based on IP geolocation