How to Attach bluetooth(Audio) device inside a StandaloneVM

Hi. Anyone knows how to attach bluetooth device inside StandaloneVM? Is it possible to attach bluetooth inside StandaloneVM? Just want to use bluetooth for audio. Tried but got this error

Can you attach it to AppVM or you can’t attach it to any VM and not only to StandaloneVM?
What is your StandaloneVM? Is it based on one of the standard Qubes OS templates or did you install the system in StandaloneVM not based on any template with ISO?

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I can attach it to any AppVM and use it for audio playing with no problems. But I dont use it a lot in AppVM just want to isolate my Bluetooth audio inside StandaloneVM if possible.

I did install the StandaloneVM not based on any template just with ISO. I never tried installing it with template. Is it ok running it with template?
Sorry just a newbie trying on this Qubes thingy :slight_smile:

For Qubes integration to work in VM there should be installed Qubes agents.

Yes, it’s better to create StandaloneVM based on template, because the Qubes agents are already insatalled there so Qubes integration will work right away.