How to add printer in TemplateVM


i installed the proprietary vendor drivers for my multifunction printer in TemplateVM.
What i have to type in under system-config-printer? How do i have to configure the printer without CUPS?
Do i have to type in the settings in the TemplateVM or can i type it in in the DisposableVM-Template?

Were you following this guide?

I do not understand how i can add a printer in the printer settings GUI. What do i have to type in? If i click “Find” under “Find Network Printer” it asks for authentication. I don’t know what it wants from me. My firewall has default settings. unman said in another thread install drivers in TemplateVM and finish settings in the AppVM. But i don’t understand it completely… also it lists not printer in the GUI. Also it says connected to localhost…

I use debian-10 as template.

  1. Open Qube Settings for the debian-10 template VM and set Networking to sys-firewall.
  2. Open a Terminal in debian-10 and run system-config-printer.
  3. Configure your printer (Find → Find Network Printer, etc).
  4. Open Qube Settings for debian-10 and set Networking to none.
  5. Shutdown debian-10.

The printer should now be available in any App VM’s based on the debian-10 template.

That’s because it is connecting to the CUPS printer server on localhost. That is normal.

It’s bad form to expose templates to the network, particularly a core
template like debian-10. I wouldn’t do it.
There are alternatives - configure a print qube, use it as the basis for
disposableVMs, and qvm-open-in-dvm documents to be printed; configure
a print qube, and qvm-open-in-vm documents to it; configure a print
server, and send jobs to it via qrexec. Any of these seem preferable.

Technically it’s only exposed for as long as it takes to setup the printer (networking is set to none in step 4), but you are right.

can someone explain to me how i can choose a manually installed driver that i installed via dpkg before in the printer setup(GUI) wizard?

Not sure if i get above posts right, just thought i mention it.
I wouldn’t trust the printer manufacturer, clone the debian-10 template and install printer drivers in the clone and go from there. When opening a pdf it starts a dispVM based on the clone template that has no internet access.

Edit: Just saw Salting your Qubes and i am wondering how the print server works.

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