How to add more colours in Qubes?

Is there some relatively easy way to add in Qubes OS all the rest of colours (or at least more) for qubes? I always wondered why, WHY you, developers, did not add all the seven colours??? Because of this I already have qubes with the same colours. Of course if there were all seven colours it could not completely prevent such situations but anyway it would be better than less. I made a little search and did not find that someone already made some manual or request about it.
P.S. If there is no easy way to add colours consider this post as a request for adding all the rest colours in the next (or at least future) Qubes release.

This can be done using community script personal-qubesos/qubes-label-tt at main · alimirjamali/personal-qubesos · GitHub done by @alimirjamali

You can see an example of use here


Here is the latest version :slight_smile:
Working very well !

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I’m not clear on what you mean by “all the seven colours”, nor why you
want each qube to have a distinct colour.
On the former point, Qubes already provides 8 colours. On the latter,
each to their own.

Seven is a magic number in UX, widely used (+/-2). It is founded in
psychological research, (Miller’s Law), and is often promoted.
For example, Adobe, (who know something about display),advocate using
"fewer than 6 colors in the Spectrum categorical color palette.
Categorical colors become more difficult to comprehend starting at 6
colors, and extremely difficult to understand at 12 "

Similarly the widely used ColorBrewer defaults to maximum 9, with up to
11 colors in colourblind safe diverging colour schemes.

There are proposals for extending the range of colors, or using other
pointers, and some community solutions you could find in the forum. These
are not supported by Qubes.

It’s important to recognise that different users have different uses
of the colours. (Some do not use color as a distinguishing feature at
all, at least not as a color)
Some use colors to reflect security levels; some to show security
domains; some to show capabilities. Qubes does not mandate any particular

I use KDE Activities to separate qubes - qubes are forced to appear on
distinct Activities and Desktops. Activities and Desktops are named. Each
Activity has a separate color background, which provides an extended
matrix of color choices. For specific use cases I can easily check the
qube/desktop/activity combination. I assume that you could do the same
in Xfce.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum I speak for myself.