How to add a deb repo to a template?

I am following librewolf installation steps here:

However, during the template setup (just for using librewolf browser) how am I supposed to use wget to get their gpg key, since the templates have no internet connectivity. When I try wget, it fails saying “temporary domain resolution error.”

How to add their repo to the debian template’s apt repos?

Use the localhost:8082 http proxy

Can you spell out the commands for that?

A fully-offline-TemplateVM alternative to using a http proxy would be to wget the key in an AppVM and then copy it to a template. Then proceed with the instructions.

curl --proxy localhost:8082

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Yes, I thought of that, but I am actually writing a script to automate the librewolf template creation. Thus I would like to stay away from manually copy-pasting the key.

can I do the proxy with wget ?

Yes, but I don’t know the parameter you need to set the proxy address, but it’s just a standard http proxy running on localhost port 8082 it works with all applications.

I am routing all the installations and updates through sys-whonix. Localhost:8082 port is failing. What is the correct port number in this case?

I am unable to parse the relevant information there.

I don’t use Whoinx, but this seems to be what you need to do.

The updates proxy uses RPC/qrexec. The proxy is configured in qrexec policy in dom0: /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.UpdatesProxy

# any VM with tag `whonix-updatevm` should use `sys-whonix`; this tag is added to `whonix-gw` and `whonix-ws` during installation and is preserved during template clone
@tag:whonix-updatevm @default allow,target=sys-whonix
@tag:whonix-updatevm @anyvm deny

This might get you some answers

Thanks but it is way too long a thread. I am using the appvm to download the .gpg file and using the qvm-move-to-vm tool to get that file back into the template.