How to access USB drive in disposable

So I am having trouble accessing my USB drive in my dispoable qube. When I plug in my USB drive, I then add it to the qube I am using. That seems to succeed. Now when I go into the qube and go to qube settings, I add file manager. Then open file manager and the USB drive is not there. So I opened the terminal in input lsblk command and the USB drive shows up at the bottom as xvdi. However, when I input the command cd /dev/xvdi it says this is not a directory. So I have no idea what is going on. Did I miss doing something?

sudo mount /dev/xvdi /media/usb_drive_xvdi && cd /media/usb_drive_xvdi && ls
can you now see the usb drive content in the terminal?

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Thank you, I will give it a try. Im sure it will work. I should have tried that already. By the way you’ve been great at answering questions and responding quick. I am sure it has made a lot of people more comfortable with using the OS. You guys have really put together something to be proud about.

Depending on the template, gnome-disks is a useful GUI way of mounting/dismounting drives as well.