How to access menu options for Gnome Keyring in Qubes

I have to store things (passwords) in the Gnome Keyring. (I access access Google Drive in Nautilus via Gnome’s Online Accounts facility).

I need to update the password for that keyring. The Gnome instructions seem to refer to a GUI menu for this, which I can’t see.

How do I access these menu options on Qubes?

edit: $ gnome-keyring isn’t helpful.

not really Qubes specific.

from the manpage of gome-keyring:

You have the section:

secret-tool(1), seahorse(1), gnome-keyring-daemon(1)

from the manpage of gnome-keyring-daemon:

The gnome-keyring-daemon implements the DBus Secret Service API, and you can use tools like seahorse or secret-tool to interact with it.

secret-tool is the command line tool.
seahorse is the graphical interface.

The answer is also there:

First result of the search:

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Thanks, but EDIT seahorse manages the keys within the keyring, not the keyring itself. Its not the menu I was looking for.

I haven’t run secret tool, but from the archlinux page description, it doesn’t look like it will access the keyring’s password.

I’m looking for the GUI menu the Gnome docs refer to.

Thanks for your help, though.

I was wrong.

For posterity:

In seahorse, right click ‘Default keyring’ and find a menu option to change password.

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