How satartup an app minimized?

how satartup an app minimized ?

I want start disposable app minimized when device start app
I can set it to startup but I can’t make it minimized

I used this command to add app startup service

on session and startup >> application autostart >> add >> qvm-run -q -a --service --dispvm=appVM -- qubes.StartApp+(app-service)

If there is a way to start up the app you want minimized inside the qube with terminal command, you can do it also from the dom0 by running something like:
qvm-run qubename 'your-command'.

There is no actual reason to use this qubes.StartApp stuff in this case.

no this is’nt way to start up the app

the app have autostart minimized option if I make appVM autostart but I want use app as dispVM, the app installed from snap and haven’t command cli options , so if I find way to do my want on dom0 terminal or make autostart disp-app-vm then I will fix problem

If you got an option directly in the app you want to minimize at startup,
then that option should be saved somewhere in a configuration file.

Find this file (and the corresponding config line) and copy it to your disposable template.
That should works.
(you could launch the app in the disposable template and tick that option, but that’s not recommended.
It’s better to find the config file and to copy it, or just create it in the disp tempate)

Otherwise, you could use xdotool and/or wmctrl to accomplish your goal.
(It should be feasable with only 1 of the 2 above tools)

some links from the above search:

It’s not really Qubes specific, pretty sure you will find a solution over the net.
Report back if you success, it might help others. :slight_smile: