How might we make code collaboration easier for Community Guides?

Opening this topic as a discussion, to see if we can come up with reasonable and practical ways to make collaboration around code more effective for Community Guides.

By reasonable I mean: that don’t break current practices around user privacy, e-mail access, etc.

By practical I mean: that don’t increase significantly the maintenance burden for folks doing the maintenance. (Assuming that it is obvious that what is significant is for them to decide.)

As a starting point, from a recent conversation:

A quick review of popular Discourse add-ons lead me to:

As far as I can tell after skimming through the topic:

  • the owner of the repository that contains the code must configure an access token in GitHub
  • and a maintainer of the forum would have to configure the add-on with that access token

That seems beyond the practical line to me, but the add-in also likely does more than was on @whoami’s wish list.

Embedding a GitHub gist instead of writing the code in a post may cover some ground:

I think the discourse developers use this. They don’t actually use git for anything but code storage, I think. But in our case it may be overkill. I’d be more inclined to just using gists and comments there on github or here.

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