How it install flatpack for 2FA?

Just wondering if flatpak is good to use with qubes?
Let’s take this as an example:

It should be installed in both the debian-10 template, and in some template like work also right? Or does it show up in work afte rinstalling it in debian-10?

I would want some 2fa program in Qubes… It’s just good to have and when blackhat hackers hack passwords all day long, and log into peoples emails everyday and so on.

Hi. You can also use terminal application oathtool, which is available in the TemplateVM’s packages.

Also, I’m not sure about flatpacks, but snaps are available.

You can also consider a hardware token like yubikey or nitrokey, which Qubes also supports:

Thanks! I’m gonna try oathtool. And yes a yubikey would be nice to have actually! I’m learning some about it… It’s hard to remember all passwords. Seems like it would take up unnecessary space in the brain, that more important stuff like the universe knowledge or whatever could be stored as instead.
Passwords store up fast and it’s allot of sites out there.

I have installed LibreWolf with the --user switch in a Fedora 33 AppVM a while ago and remember that after refreshingi the applications in the Qubes settings it showed up perfectly.

I would recommend using Fedora, because flatpak is already included in the distribution.

Sounds good. :slight_smile: I will use fedora-32. Thanks

nvm. got the answer already.