How I can install vpn template (protonvpn)?

How I can install vpn template (protonvpn)?

I am beginner How I can create VPN template on qubes

So from the research I have gathered. Today, as it stands, you can’t use protonvpn on qubes. This I heard from their support team and from other researchers in other forums. There are, other vpn guides. Check out openvpn on qubes. I think that had fruitful stuff.

Which version of Qubes are you using? I was able to create a protonvpn qubes for 4.0 and 4.1 but there is additionnal steps for 4.1


Can you be my guide? I hired a on -the-go teacher once but he disappeared. I would ask you questions about things like setting up vpn on qubes. Or how to move a file to a usb (I still can’t).

That is totally wrong. I’ve been using it for years without problems (connected to Qubes).
Why don’t you say “I can’t use protonvpn because […]”?
[Sorry, but I’ll never get this attitude, “if I don’t get something, it must be someone else’s fault.”]

There are so many protonvpn-threads already with detailed explanations like this one:

There is a detailed “How to” on the official protonvpn support center:

Or there is this way:

There is very little to do in order to check the connection (and any error message that follows would help anyone interested in helping you).
At the end of the second item of this instruction you can test your connection (of course, only after you’ve followed the instructions closely so far).
sudo openvpn --cd /rw/config/vpn --config openvpn-client.ovpn

This should clearly indicate a successful connection or an error message that could help in finding out what’s wrong.

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You can use protonvpn on qubes. Just stick to openvpn and downloading the openvpn files. ProtonVPN staff will recommend thier apps and stuff for linux, but it’s just easier to use openvpn for all vpns. Also likely safer too. Last I checked there are 100s maintaining openvpn while only 2 maintaining the protonvpn linux app.

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Wait what. It’s not my fault that I was told by protonvpn support that qubes is not supported. I ask them and fee others on reddit and they said no. Chill out gosh not everyone is an expert. Smh.

Nah, it’s probably not your fault. Maybe someone could have told you not to believe everything you read on the internet.
Who cares, it doesn’t matter what’s true anymore. Today everyone’s allowed to have their own truth and to share it with the world.

Way to go!

Chilling out now and taking a break. Enjoy yourself!

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btw, what pvpn staff means when they say ‘qubes is not supported’ is not that it won’t work, but that they aren’t going to spend their profit based time helping you figure it out. But once you figure out openvpn, then you won’t have to spend your time dealing with learning each VPN company’s proprietary software. Instead you’ll just check to see if the VPN you’re thinking about using whether or not it supports “openvpn” then you’ll be good to go with qubes. As you get more into privacy, expect down the road to be switching VPNs often or having several for different purposes as not all VPNs are the same or for the same purpose. There are residential, single dedicated IP, mobile phone IPs, public-free, non-encrypted rotating proxies, low-spam ratings etc. all geared for different types of uses. Some are good for great anonymity, others for data scraping, other’s just for watching japan’s version of Netflix. Stick with openvpn.

Is there a link with that information? Or was it obtained via their support contact?

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I’ve used Protonvpn on Qubes for some years with tasket :

It works very well. Just follow the instructions in the link.
It’s not easy but I got it working and I’m no expert.



I found it’s easier and quicker to create a Fedora appvm, activate network_manager from the services tab, and then use the VPN Configuration to import all the region ovpn files. Then you can quickly switch servers as needed. The Debian template doesn’t have VPN Configuration installed.

I’m looking for an intuitive way to killswitch it regardless on which vpn servers I use. I’m also debating whether it’s practical to make the vm disposable.

I also have another appvm connected to it with CLI to quickly check, mullvad and speedtest activated from the qubes menu via .desktop shortcuts. I don’t know much about security but I figure if the CLI in this qube aren’t trustworthy, they shouldn’t affect the VPN proxy.

I also got the PIA app to work but it only works within that VM. A PersonalVM connected to it won’t have any network connectivity. The ProtonVPN app doesn’t connect. I thought I got it to work at one time, but maybe my memory is mistaken.

Reading my comment again sounds kind of negative. I was merely suggesting that a support person in a live-chat session which could be outsourced, when talking to a user about qubes-os, might go down their list of scripts, canned-responses and documentation to find answers to this mysterious os called ‘qubes’, seeing none would then respond with ‘"sorry this operating system is not supported’ please use our app for the best support". If ProtonVPN spent their time providing support for every single OS they may not be a company much longer. Turning a profit might actually not be for profit reasons but for reinvestment reasons to grow the company. A company that cannot turn a profit cannot hire more people, can not grow. Well in any rapid scaling sense.

Yes, totally. I didn’t mean that in any condescending way. Just wanted to know where it was from to see if you could correct that information with them.

At least have them say instead that some people have done it but it’s something they do not officially support.

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I got ProtoVPN GUI app and CLI to work today. You need a standalone VM and turn on network manger in the services tab. Having a permanent killswitch through the app is a huge convenience. I also got PIA to work within the standalone VM but it doesn’t work for other AppVM connected to it.

It’s possible to get ProtonVPN to work in an AppVM but you have to know where all the dependent files are located and edit some python scripts. I almost got it to work but gave up.