How I can create VMs on my second storage disk?

Try following this documentation: Secondary storage | Qubes OS. But apart from not understanding it much, I don’t know how to create a volume or volume group if I have a separate hard drive, I’m a beginner. When I tried, it told me that the location of the disk didn’t exist. ‘/run/media/eriotowa/Disco/’

I guess it’s a bit of an advanced topic, I really hope I don’t upset anyone by making this post, but I’ve been stuck.

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You need to use the whole disk or partition on the disk for your secondary storage.
It seems that you’re trying to use directory to which the disk is mounted instead of a disk itself.
E.g. your disk partition is /dev/sdb1 and it’s mounted to directory /run/media/eriotowa/Disco/ when you use file manager to browser the disk partition content.
For the guide you need to use the disk partition itself /dev/sdb1 instead of directory /run/media/eriotowa/Disco/.
Also note that using disk partition /dev/sdb1 for secondary storage will wipe the data on this partition. If you have some files on this disk partition (in /run/media/eriotowa/Disco/ directory) then move them away from there before using /dev/sdb1 partition for secondary storage.

This is a general Linux question, I’d recommend to read about how disks and mounts are working in Linux before continuing.


Thank you very much, I was able to solve it now. The first thing I did was mount the hard drive with the file manager, and then I opened the terminal to type lsblk -lf, from there I could see that it was mounted to /dev/sda1, with that I just had to unmount it again and follow the steps from here: Secondary storage | Qubes OS

Obviously I made sure to save the important files I had there, so I could format it.

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